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Eastern Division Conference POSTPONED due to Covid 19

Supporting Fire Service Professionals
ED IAFC 2020 Annual Conference -Albany New York
Eastern Division 2020 Annual Meeting
"Taking Care of Our Own" 
Before, During and After the Call
Join us as we conduct our annual meeting and memorial service, then move on to the all important topic of "Taking Care of Our Own".  As we all know, the health and well being of our first responders is a top priority in the fire service.
What was once thought to be the unthinkable has now become all too common; mass shooting incidents, first responders being fired upon at the scene, fires burning hotter and faster leaving no time to escape, first responders suffering from
depression, PTSD and even  committing suicide. The men and women of the emergency services must prepare for and deal with this new reality every day.
We will discuss how to be proactive and prepare our first responders BEFOREsomething happens.Teach them how to respond DURING such an event. And learn the warning signs to watch for and how to care for them (and their families) AFTERit's all over.
We look forward to seeing you as we learn, discuss, and exchange ideas to ensure we are "Taking Care of Our Own".
Guest Speakers
Active Shooter 
Hostile Event
With more than 35 years in fire service, and being a retired police investigator, Jerry is a strong advocate of first responder safety. This presentation will help you to comply with the standards of NFPA 3000, and prepare you to develop the plans you need to respond to an active shooter or hostile event. 
Traumatic Stress
After being involved in an accident in early 2016 that required help for traumatic stress, Jake began researching the topic further.
Far too many first responders are affected by traumatic stress that goes unchecked and untreated. Recent suicides by firefighters attest to this. These incidents affect not just the responders but their    families as well. Come hear Jake’s story to gain a better understanding of how we can do a better job “Taking Care of Our Own”.
For more information contact Joe Fahd 


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