Committee Applications

The Eastern Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (EDIAFC) is always soliciting for members to participate on committees within our Division. In order for a member to participate on an EDIAFC Committee they must be current on their membership dues and must also be a member of the EDIAFC. There will be a minimum of three (3) at-large members put onto each committee as positions become available. 

The following is a list of committees that EDIAFC members are eligible to apply to participate on:


  • Constitution & Bylaws (Policies & Procedures) Committee - Committee will review, correct and suggest changes needed to the Constitution & Bylaws as warranted. Committee will also receive, review and make recommendations for submitted amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws. The Committee will prepare and maintain a Policies & Procedures Manual that will include items not addressed in the Constitution & Bylaws.


  • Grants Committee - Committee will research for possible grant funding and make application as eligible to do so. Grant applications must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors or their designee.


  • Legislative Committee - Committee is tasked with the duty to monitor both state and federal legislation that could affect the fire, rescue and EMS services their operations or their membership in Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Committee member of one state shall share with the other states any legislations passed within their state that could benefit or assist in doing the same for the other state(s).


  • Marketing Committee - Committee will seek funding opporutunites to benefit in the betterment of our organization and future leaders.


  • Membership Committee - Committee will seek ways to provide additional membership benefits to Division members in an attempt to maintain membership retention.


  • Nominations & Elections Committee - Committee shall solicit candidates for the various 10 offices of the Division in the official publication of the Division. The Committee shall verify the qualifications of each nominiee for the office they are seeking. The Committee shall present their report during a session of the first day of the Annual Conference giving a complete list of the nominations for the 10 elective offices of the Division. The Committee shall prepare ballots showing the name of the nominees and the office for which they are nominated in the event that there are two or more nominees. The Committee shall facilitate electronic balloting and/or mail-in ballots no later than 60-days prior to the first day of the Annual Conference; where eligible members may cast their ballot prior to the election closing date, 30-days prior to the first day of the Annual Conference. The Committee shall count the ballots cast, including the combined electronic ballots and the mailed-in ballots. The Committee shall report the results to the President, the Vice Presidents and the Executive Director 14-days prior to the first day of the Annual Conference.


  • Public Relations Committee - Committee will manage all aspects of public relations via the website and various social media platforms utilized by the EDIAFC for the purpose of promoting the organizations vision, mission and purposes and objectives.


  • Safety & Health Committee - Committee will serve to advance the safety, health and wellness of all members within the Division. 


  • Scholarship Committee - Committee will manage and review annual scholarship requirements and applications for the purpose of equally and fairly distrubuting available scholarship opportunities. 


  • Strategic Planning Committee - Committee will prepare, revise and maintain a five-year strategic plan. The Committee will review that plan on an annual basis and/or sooner if needed and make appropriate changes as needed. 


  • Valor Award Committee - Committee shall implement a policy on requirements for Valor Award submission. Committee will seek applications for the EDIAFC Valor Award and shall make determination as to who shall receive the annual award.


Please click on the link below to complete an application to be considered for an EDIAFC Committee.

EDIAFC Committee Application Form